Poem Beginning with Two Lines from Bill and Ted

“Excuse me. When did the Mongols rule china?
I don’t know, I just work here.”

The photographs on the lighted mantel are from a time when the talk of the town was     Haley’s Comet­.
Celebrations in still life.
That same year I saw the Route 66 festival in Tulsa where a band played a punk rock version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.
“What about these cheeeldrin?”
My aunt shouted and hugged our heads.
I was six and old enough to say it.
I told my aunt, “I’m six.”
35 now, and that rapper I liked in the 90’s
is doing mid-week shows in empty bars.

Time is like that.

Haley’s Comet will one day make a grand appearance past a dead earth.
I am finding that very comforting.
I’ve been taking my pills as prescribed these days,
and getting only topiary drunk,
only on the weekends.
Talking the talk of the town
as the town was when we were the boys
doing dope before classes,
before the dope earned its name,
blowing our minds, and asking,
why is there something rather than nothing?
When we were the boys we knew how to ask the question.
“THE question”
we called it.
When we were the boys knew how very large we were
and squandered.

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