The Next One

I had been paid for two months at the agreed upon pay grade, but all my money was in a checking account and the bank card was back in Arizona, everything was in Arizona. It had all been shipped back after the initial intake process. They said we would have everything we needed right there on base. All I had was what was left of the maximum cash-out that I was allowed before the remainder was directly deposited to an account I could not access, a little less that fifty dollars. The bus ride from Chicago to Flagstaff is a four-day trip. I had been flown out on a commercial airliner. Things change.

Guys Like Me

The cashier at Loves, a rugged woman, warned us that the canyon was dangerous and offered free advice on surviving the trip. She said, most people don’t think about it, but watch out for the sheep. They kick rocks off the walls. The lady at Love’s told us we’d find scorpions with the black-light.